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Info Hash:
  1. LP1/00.-Rolled Gold The Very Best Of The Rolling Stones LP1.m3u336 bytes
  2. LP1/01.-Come On.flac38.27 MB
  3. LP1/02.-I Wanna Be Your Man.flac35.98 MB
  4. LP1/03.-Not Fade Away.flac36.47 MB
  5. LP1/04.-Carol.flac52.11 MB
  6. LP1/05.-Tell Me.flac76.37 MB
  7. LP1/06.-It's All Over Now.flac71.56 MB
  8. LP1/07.-Little Red Rooster.flac59.57 MB
  9. LP1/08.-Heart Of Stone.flac56.44 MB
  10. LP1/09.-Time Is On My Side.flac60.57 MB
  11. LP1/10.-The Last Time.flac74.07 MB
  12. LP1/11.-Play With Fire.flac42.79 MB
  13. LP1/12.-(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction.flac74.03 MB
  14. LP1/13.-Get Off Of My Cloud.flac61.43 MB
  15. LP1/DR12.txt1.56 KB
  16. LP2/00.-Rolled Gold The Very Best Of The Rolling Stones LP2.m3u339 bytes
  17. LP2/01.-I'm Free.flac49.13 MB
  18. LP2/02.-As Tears Go By.flac52.67 MB
  19. LP2/03.-Lady Jane.flac59.98 MB
  20. LP2/04.-Paint It, Black.flac69.42 MB
  21. LP2/05.-Mother's Little Helper.flac56.35 MB
  22. LP2/06.-19th Nervous Breakdown.flac81.54 MB
  23. LP2/07.-Under My Thumb.flac73.21 MB
  24. LP2/08.-Out Of Time.flac111.91 MB
  25. LP2/09.-Yesterday's Papers.flac41.46 MB
  26. LP2/10.-Let's Spend The Night Together.flac75.39 MB
  27. LP2/11.-Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow.flac52.90 MB
  28. LP2/DR12.txt1.49 KB
  29. LP3/00.-Rolled Gold The Very Best Of The Rolling Stones LP3.m3u220 bytes
  30. LP3/01.-Ruby Tuesday.flac66.44 MB
  31. LP3/02.-Dandelion.flac74.24 MB
  32. LP3/03.-She's A Rainbow.flac85.69 MB
  33. LP3/04.-We Love You.flac90.22 MB
  34. LP3/05.-2000 Light Years From Home.flac93.64 MB
  35. LP3/06.-Jumpin' Jack Flash.flac74.54 MB
  36. LP3/07.-Street Fighting Man.flac66.42 MB
  37. LP3/08.-Sympathy For The Devil.flac126.31 MB
  38. LP3/DR13.txt1.27 KB
  39. LP4/00.-Rolled Gold The Very Best Of The Rolling Stones LP4.m3u216 bytes
  40. LP4/01.-No Expectations.flac78.02 MB
  41. LP4/02.-Let It Bleed.flac110.96 MB
  42. LP4/03.-Midnight Rambler.flac136.01 MB
  43. LP4/04.-Gimme Shelter.flac92.27 MB
  44. LP4/05.-You Can't Always Get What You Want.flac152.75 MB
  45. LP4/06.-Brown Sugar.flac80.21 MB
  46. LP4/07.-Honky Tonk Women.flac61.21 MB
  47. LP4/08.-Wild Horses.flac112.23 MB
  48. LP4/DR12.txt1.27 KB
  49. folder.jpg32.27 KB
  50. Rolled Gold+ tracklist.txt2.93 KB