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Sons of Anarchy S02E09 720p HDTV X264-DIMENSION [eztv]
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2009-11-05 02:41:54 GMT
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Episode: Sons of Anarchy S02E09 720p HDTV X264-DIMENSION

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what is mkv? no more avi?
can we get a file up, where i can play it on windows media player please
Yeah, when does sum1 up the 350mb version, i dl'ed this just to see the ep. but i gots to gets the smaller version, i cant burn a 1gb file, especially a mkv.

Keep up the good work.
eztv.. i have great respect for you and your uploads.. that is i did have untill recently.. for some reason youve stopped doing multiple file sizes for those of us with little memory to spare and youve started using this mkv format that wont play on my vlc... vlc has been the standard for tpb vid files for a long time .. why change that?...
...for reasons too long and boring to go into i cant currently change codecs or install a new media player without seriously compromising the performance of my shitty old computer.....
i dont mean to sound bitchy or demanding (and yes i know i come off that way) but could you please up this ep as an avi .. i hate to miss this show.. also if its not too much trouble.. can you or anyone out there who may have a copy of venture bros s04e03 perchance to dean please also up it as an avi.... thanks in advance ;)

to everyone else... notice how i directed my comment to eztv and anyone else who may be able to help... if this doesnt include you then i dont care about your opinion... on any subject.. especialy what you think of me or my inability to perform the simple task of installing a player...

to re-cap.. thanks in advance to eztv... and sod off to everyone else
EZTV please please please return to AVI files! :(
I am in the process of converting this file to a smaller AVI. Is it an acceptable practice to upload it as a new torrent as long as I credit eztv as the original source?
Well, it created an AVI file but no guarantees on the quality. It's all new to me. It can be viewed at

thanks again to eztv for upping the original.
Thank you EZTV. This Show deserves to be presented in 720p people should stop moaning and appreciate it.